How will augmented reality change society?

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In 2018, the world moved several steps up the technology ladder. Our phones became smarter, got more cameras and Android devices even got its first taste of AR. Things will get even more interesting in 2019 when a host of companies release their first set of Augmented Reality applications and devices.

 This year, Magic Leap introduced their first edition of Magic Leap One, a mixed reality lens that will seamlessly overlay a computer-generated field over your surroundings. Developers are creating virtual 3D objects that can interact with the physical world.

 As the year progresses, things will get even better.

So how can AR improve our life?

Consider a simple example of a classroom. Instead of looking at the properties of different molecules in a textbook, students can watch a 3D image of a molecule, interact with it and see how it binds with other objects. They won’t need to wear a VR headset to get this simulation. Just a small AR projector and a capture device are enough to project the image and capture the interaction.

Persistent AR will allow for information to be anchored to a specific geolocation. So when you travel in your car, instead of looking at the map on your phone, you can look at your car’s windshield and gather information about the location you are about to enter.

The information and interaction are no longer limited to your phone’s screen. You can display data on any surface.

AR will also enable just-in-time help. Instead of relying on user manuals, you can get interactive help, thanks to AR apps. If you want to look at the wiring in your house use the AR app to identify different wires and then learn how to work with it, right when you need it.

And this is just the beginning.