How to Make the Perfect Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video: 7 Pro Tips to Follow

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A great whiteboard animation explainer video has to follow some rules – here are 7 pro tips that will help you create the perfect video!

Do you know what a whiteboard animation video is? It is the process in which a specific story is told and presented by using different drawings on a whiteboard. There is a hand that draws in front of the camera and the artist records itself during the process.

Not that you know what whiteboard animation videos are, allow us to tell you something else – they are a great tool and the possibilities and options are almost endless. It is a great educational tool as it simplifies a complicated message and makes it entertaining and engaging. It can make a boring topic seem really fun and interesting.

So, how to make a great whiteboard animation explainer video? Well, a great video has to follow some rules, but don’t worry as we are going to present you 7 pro tips that will help you create the perfect explainer video for your business. Let’s start:

  1. Use the ultimate power of storytelling – No one can resist an interesting and well-told story. We live for stories and we can’t help but be amazed and attracted to them. So, when making your whiteboard animation video, make sure to use this power of attraction and instead of convincing your viewers to buy something – tell a story and present your message using storytelling.
  2. Keep it traditional – There are 3 basic things that make a whiteboard video a traditional one – the hand, the white background, and the continuous black drawing. These are basic and essential characteristics of whiteboard videos. In other words, you must include these characteristics in your video, otherwise, it won’t be a whiteboard video.
  • Create animated characters – You need to come up with interesting and fun animated characters as after all, they are the thread that keeps your message and story together. In other words, they are what give it progression. The characters should be a representation of your potential customers, your buyer personas. This will help your audience identify with you, your business, and your brand.
  • Add some color but not too much – Whiteboard videos must be white and black. However, it is not a bad thing to innovate and add something new. Be careful and don’t get crazy as you shouldn’t make a colorful video. This is about adding color but not too much. You need to just highlight an important part of the message you want to share with your people. Our advice to you is if you are going to add some color, make sure to use your brand color.
  • Use emotional references – These videos have the power to explain a complicated message in a clear and simple way. The thing about simple methods is that they can be funny, happy, emotional, nostalgic, and etc. You need to use your audience’s emotions in your favor and add elements to the story that they can relate to.
  • Make it educational – Stories, drawings, interesting subjects, characters, and etc. are a recipe for success. It is the recipe for fun and when people are having fun, they learn faster. That is why whiteboard videos are powerful learning tools.
  • Find the best whiteboard animation video company on the market – Your video must be of the best quality or your credibility will suffer. with SquareShip you have found and a reliable video company which will turn your idea into a perfect video.

That’s it! This is everything you need to know! Go on and create your video now!