Explainer Videos Are Critical To Your B2B Customers. Here’s Why

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Explainer Videos Are Critical To Your B2B Customers. Here’s Why

1)Explainer videos positions your brand above competitors

Explainer videos can help position your brand above competitors. This is because your prospective clients already have communication channels with your business, such as your sales staff, support staff, website and social media. Competitors have also established these channels of communication, and they may be more powerful ones than yours. The only way to outsmart them is to produce compelling explainer videos and embed them on your site. Explainer videos can get your product or service messages across in an interesting, engaging and entertaining way, making your customers stick by you, while at the same time harnessing more customers along the way.

2)Explainer videos can boost your business reputation

Let’s face it; not all businesses are able to afford explainer videos, especially motion graphic or kinetic typography explainer videos. Only large-sized and reputable businesses are able to produce them consistently. Having explainer videos on your business website can give you an edge over competitors. Prospects and customers will see your business as reputable if they find explainer videos on your website. And the fact that customers these days only want to deal with reputable businesses, you’ll get to keep all your customers and attract more to your business.

3)Explainer videos can increase your search engine rankings

B2B businesses need to be visible online for B2B customers to be able to find them. Visibility is only possible if your business website ranks high on search engines. There are many ways you can increase your website’s search engine rankings, and one of them is the use of explainer videos on your landing pages. How do explainer videos increase your search engine rankings? You ask. Well, explainer videos are designed to catch the attention of the customer and motivate them to watch the video to the end. This means customers will stay longer on your website, and since dwell time is a Google ranking factor, your site’s ranking will increase.


So if you don’t include explainer videos on your website, now is the time to start doing so. Making explainer videos take a lot of time and resources, but if you manage to create them, you will see a sharp increase in your conversion rate.